ANSA V 1092

Basic Information [{'name': 'id', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'ID', 'value': '213', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'legacy_id', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Legacy ID', 'value': 'KHM-ANSA-V1092', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'folder_name', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Folder name', 'value': <Object: ANSA V 1092>, 'f_type': 'FK'}, {'name': 'threed_location_char', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D Survey: location characteristics', 'value': 'indoors', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_date', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D Survey: date', 'value': 'None', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_technique', 'help_text': '3D Survey: imaging technique', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Type', 'value': <ImagingTechnique: 3D laser scanning>, 'f_type': 'FK'}, {'name': 'threed_hardware', 'help_text': "3D Survey: hardware ['hardware' AAT ID: 300312368]", 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Model', 'value': <Hardware: Konica Minolta VIVID 9i>, 'f_type': 'FK'}, {'name': 'threed_fov', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'FOV', 'value': 'nan', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_resolution', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Resolution limit [AAT ID: 300222980]', 'value': '640 x 480 pixels', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_acc', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Feature Accuracy *', 'value': 'nan', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_texture_acquisition', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Image texture acquisition [3D scanner/external camera]', 'value': '3D scanner', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_texture_color', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Image texture acquisition [colour/B&W]', 'value': 'colour', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_texture_resolution', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Image texture resolution', 'value': '640 x 480 pixels', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_software', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Software acquisition', 'value': 'nan', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_scan_nrs', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Nr. scans', 'value': 'None', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_merging_date', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D data alignment/merging: date', 'value': 'None', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_merging_software', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D data alignment/merging: software', 'value': 'nan', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_date', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D merged model post-processing: date', 'value': 'None', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_software', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D merged model post-processing: software', 'value': 'Geomagic Studio 12.0.0 (2010), 3D Systems', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_actions', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D merged model post-processing: actions', 'value': 'Base plane of 3D model aligned to XZ plane; 3D model oriented; Mesh auto-repaired (non-manifold edges, self-intersections, small components, small tunnels)', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_file', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': '3D merged post-processed model: file name', 'value': 'KHM-ANSA-V1092_3D01.ply', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_low_date', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Low resolution 3D model post-processing: date', 'value': 'None', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_low_software', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Low resolution 3D model post-processing: software', 'value': 'Geomagic Wrap (2017), 3D Systems', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_low_software_actions', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Low resolution 3D model post-processing: actions', 'value': 'Mesh fixed (non-manifold edges, self-intersections, small components, small tunnels, highly creased edges, spikes, small holes); Decimation: ~250,000 triangles; Smoothness: medium', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_low_file', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Low resolution 3D model: file name', 'value': 'KHM-ANSA-V1092_3D02.ply', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_notes', 'help_text': 'Notes [AAT ID: 300027200]', 'extra_fields': None, 'verbose_name': 'Notes', 'value': '', 'f_type': 'SIMPLE'}, {'name': 'threed_location', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'value': <QuerySet [<Institution: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM)>]>, 'verbose_name': '3D Survey: location', 'f_type': 'M2M'}, {'name': 'threed_author', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'value': <QuerySet [<Person: Markus Diem>]>, 'verbose_name': '3D Survey: author', 'f_type': 'M2M'}, {'name': 'threed_merging_author', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'value': <QuerySet []>, 'verbose_name': '3D data alignment/merging: author', 'f_type': 'M2M'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_author', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'value': <QuerySet [<Person: Stefan Spelitz>, <Person: Vera Moitinho de Almeida>]>, 'verbose_name': '3D merged model post-processing: author', 'f_type': 'M2M'}, {'name': 'threed_postproc_low_author', 'help_text': '', 'extra_fields': None, 'value': <QuerySet [<Person: Vera Moitinho de Almeida>]>, 'verbose_name': 'Low resolution 3D model post-processing: author', 'f_type': 'M2M'}]