ANSA V 1092

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Folder name KHM-ANSA-V1092
Collection Antikensammlung (ANSA), Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM)
ID Inv. Nr. ANSA V 1092
Shape Cypro-jug
Components: one handle
Period Cypro Archaic I (4)
Object dating 214
Provenance Finding spot: Idalion, Cyprus
Production center: Cyprus
Latest acquisition:
Culture Cypriote
Material Material: clay
Fabric (BAPD): Cypriote
Technique Painting style/technique: Black on Red II (IV)
Painting sub technique:
Bibliographic Reference ÖAW (ed.) (2019). Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum - Österreich, Band: 7. Wien, KHM - Band 6. 'Bronzezeitliche und eisenzeitliche Gefäße aus Zypern. Attisch geometrische und protoattische Gefäße'. Vienna: VÖAW. Pl.64, 8-11
Collection reference

Weight (g) 78.000
Height (mm) 110.244
Width (mm) 72.816
Length (mm) 72.076
Max. Filling Height (mm) 106.800
Max. Filling Volume (cm3) 157.337
Material Volume (cm3) 52.282
Material Density (g/cm3) 1.492 - estimated (from IV 4522)
Bounding Box (cm3) 578.589

3D Models
Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM) (indoors)
By: Markus Diem (CVL, TU Wien)
Technique: 3D laser scanning
Hardware: Konica Minolta VIVID 9i
Characteristics: nan | 640 x 480 pixels | nan
Texture: 3D scanner | colour | 640 x 480 pixels
Software: nan
Alignment & Merging By:
Software: nan
Post-Processing By: Stefan Spelitz (IKAnt-ÖAW), Vera Moitinho de Almeida (IKAnt-ÖAW)
Software: Geomagic Studio 12.0.0 (2010), 3D Systems
Actions: Base plane of 3D model aligned to XZ plane; 3D model oriented; Mesh auto-repaired (non-manifold edges, self-intersections, small components, small tunnels)
Resulting file: KHM-ANSA-V1092_3D01.ply
Low Resolution Post-Processing By: Vera Moitinho de Almeida (IKAnt-ÖAW)
Software: Geomagic Wrap (2017), 3D Systems
Actions: Mesh fixed (non-manifold edges, self-intersections, small components, small tunnels, highly creased edges, spikes, small holes); Decimation: ~250,000 triangles; Smoothness: medium
Resulting file: KHM-ANSA-V1092_3D02.ply

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